25 May 2015

Specialty Gas Manager versions above 3.60 contain the information to produce GHS compliant labels. Optionally, SDS’s may also be created using the Specialty Gas Manager and SDS Manager.

How can I get the upgrade?

For a limited time, all prior versions of the Specialty Gas Manager will be upgraded to the GHS compliant version at no cost to you! We want you to have the latest feature set and the best compliance solution. Eventually, the Specialty Gas Manager will migrate to a fee-for-support based program. This will be needed to continue to bring you the best possible specialty gas management program.

Upgrade now – it will cost you nothing and you will have the latest features, including 180 of the most popular gas ingredients. Keep in mind that you must use GHS compliant labels for products produced after June 1, 2015.

You have two upgrade options: Blank System and Full Upgrade

Blank System – We can immediately send you a copy of the Specialty Gas Manager that does not contain any of your company specific mixtures. It will contain the top 180 possible ingredients, 168 cylinder styles, at least four label templates, nine Certificate of Analysis templates, etc. This is everything you need to start adding your own data and logos to the Specialty Gas Manager. But it does not contain your specific mixture recipes. If you have a significant number of recipes entered into your copy of the Specialty Gas Manager, this is not the best long-term solution for you. (see below for upgrade instructions)

Full Upgrade – Your existing data is stored in the “Specialty Gas Manager.MDE” file. If you send us this file, we will upgrade your Specialty Gas Manager to the latest GHS version. You will preserve your own recipes, customized cylinders, logos, etc. We also rebuild your indexes, reclaim unused space and reduce the possibility of data corruption by using a brand new system template. We will process your upgrade as quickly as possible. Our goal is to turn-around your Specialty Gas Manager upgrade overnight. In some cases, we will be able to provide the upgrade much quicker. (see below for upgrade instructions)

If your Specialty Gas Manager needs to be reinstalled on a new computer, just let us know and we will include the full installation files in addition to your upgraded “Specialty Gas Manager.MDE” file.

Both Options – You may need the upgrade faster than we can rebuild your particular system. In this case, simply request the Blank System and use it until your Full Upgrade arrives.


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