7/1/14 - Changes to policies on filling open mouthed dewars

Q – What is the latest information about filling liquid nitrogen in open topped dewars for dermatologists? 

A – This issue has been interpreted in contradictory ways in the past. Recently, the CGA Medical Gases Committee published a position statement about open topped dewars (PS-38-2014, Registration of Facilities Filling Open Topped Medical Nitrogen Dewars For Device Use).

The small open topped container should not contain a medical label but should include a product identification label. The position statement includes other clarifying information about container filling, personnel training and written procedures. The conditions under which you may fill these open topped containers without FDA registration are detailed in the position statement.

If you fill open topped dewars with medical liquid nitrogen, we recommend that you download the position statement from CGANet.com. Of course, this is available at no cost for participating GAWDA members.

The GAWDA Medical Gas SOP’s are being revised to recognize this new industry position.